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Frozen potato not cooking up well (problem with apt-get dist-upgrade)

I created a fresh slink install from the VA/O'Reilly 2.1 CD.  I selected the 
"install the developer modules" option and then did an apt-get update/upgrade for "stable".

Next step, I followed the advice listed on:

but I naively just put this line in my /etc/apt/sources.list:
	deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian frozen main contrib non-free

Then I fired up "apt-get update" and (initially) "apt-get -q -u dist-upgrade" (wrapped in 
a "script", of course).  There were a couple of hiccups as my ISP cycled, and so my 
restarts were:
	# apt-get -q -u --fix-missing dist-upgrade

After the many MB's of data finally made their way down my 31.2Kbps pipe (thanks to 
LRP), I got this:
	E: Internal Error, Couldn't configure a pre-depend

I've included the most recent dist-upgrade logging below; I believe it to be representative 
of the restarts.  I have done a couple of searches for the above error text in with AV and
Google; I would have tried the Debian site search but it is currently off.  I confess that I 
haven't dug into the APT code to see what this might mean.

Any suggestions as to how I should proceed would be appreciated.  I do have the 
"complete" review of my attempts in a typescript file should that be of interest.


# apt-get -q -u --fix-missing dist-upgrade
Reading Package Lists...
Building Dependency Tree...
The following packages will be REMOVED:
   timezones xproc debiandoc-sgml lynx python-misc libcgi-perl wxxt1 python-net
   libgnome0 slrn libreadlineg2-dev python-curses libstdc++2.9-dev sgmlspm
   ivtools egcc newt0.25 python-bsddb lesstifg checker gmp2 netstd libwww-perl
   libguile4-dev www-search 
The following NEW packages will be installed:
   libpam0g libpopt0 libncurses5 lapack traceroute libpgsql2 fte-xwindow
   perl-5.004-base libwrap0 libpam-modules blas1 perl-5.004 libgtk1.2 ruptime
   libguile6 libglib1.2 liburi-perl dpsclient libpam-runtime rusers
   gnome-libs-data librx1g lockfile-progs vflib2 libpcre2 libart2
   perl-5.004-suid mc-common libi18n-langtags-perl itcl3.0 tcpd rdate
   libgd-gif1 librecode0 cfingerd perl-5.004-doc tftp finger libstdc++2.10
   sgmlspl icmpinfo libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1 rwho bootpc rdist ftp tetex-lib rwall
   midentd ivtools-interviews libgmp2 lesstif1 rwhod libtext-format-perl
   ivtools-unidraw fping libbz2 libaudiofile0 libgsm1 gettext-base tcl8.2
   libsgmls-perl libwxxt1 tk8.2 rsh-client libace5.0 xaw-wrappers
   libstdc++2.10-dev libnewt0 libreadline4 liblockfile1 
The following packages have been kept back
   libcurses-perl libcompress-zlib-perl libtime-hires-perl libgtk-perl gedit
   libterm-readkey-perl eperl cvs kbd pdl xbuffy liblockdev0-perl
   libmime-base64-perl exim libpgperl perl-tk fvwm perlmagick 
The following packages will be upgraded
   python-zlib libpaperg lilo gtimer docbook-doc menu liwc syslinux
   xemacs20-bin slang1 libmpeg1 ispell ibritish chimera2 bzip2 fdflush
   python-examples textutils libncurses4 tetex-extra dotfile-tcsh
   kernel-headers-2.2.12 fakeroot base-files isapnptools emacs19-el
   xfonts-scalable mime-support procps debhelper the-doc libxbase-perl telnet
   mailtools jed-common groff dotfile-rtin lsof-2.2 libpng2 tetex-base whiptail
   dpkg-perl dotfile-fvwm1 dotfile-fvwm2 most addressbook libdelimmatch-perl
   libident bison tcl8.0-dev ncurses-base dnsutils xbase-clients xserver-mach64
   fortunes-min wenglish fileutils dotfile nas-lib oleo cweb-latex
   developers-reference util-linux perl inewsinn python-elisp publib-dev
   shellutils mutt xterm motifnls manpages-dev debmake xmcpustate plan ncftp
   python-numeric elvis-tiny xserver-common xscreensaver jered ae bc update m4
   dc at strace ed ee docbook-stylesheets typist bbdb perl-base ncurses-term gs
   autoconf gv libpcre1 libmagick4g mc jargon libgtk-doc mh xserver-s3v nn
   python-dev sc ghostview bash cxref sp python-doc libgpmg1 libgdbmg1-dev
   jadetex fortune-mod tk8.0-dev dupload tkdesk gdk-imlib1 psmisc g++ djtools
   login mtools v-dev tkdiff dotfile-elm libtime-period-perl e2fsprogs f2c g77
   exuberant-ctags biff ivtools-bin ivtools-dev pppconfig modconf libdnd1
   pstotext xlib6g-dev tcsh-i18n libelfg0 tcsh ivtools-doc procmail
   xfonts-75dpi libtool tetex-bin libcompfaceg1 slib xserver-s3 python-mpz
   setserial kernel-source-2.2.12 cbb python-base ytalk emacsen-common slsc
   slang1-dev gettext passwd xfonts-pex pstoedit time ddd apt python-pmw tkcvs
   locales libncurses4-dev python-tk fortunes bug zircon freetype2 cpp diff
   gclinfo gcc netbase fort77 gdb cvs-buildpackage gcl xfonts-base rscheme
   perl-suid libreadlineg2 fte clisp cvs-pcl bsdutils cpio sudo
   libio-stringy-perl dist gpm metamail jed cti-ifhp base-passwd lprng ftnchek
   tree rxvt python-wpy devscripts v1g worklog joe cron suidmanager mbr
   libpgtcl libg++272 sgml-tools makepatch packaging-manual xacc libgtkmm
   recode makedev dpkg vim-rt findutils vm-dev gcal elib libpgsql manpages cweb
   anacron libtiff3g mmv xcal xpm4g-dev wget libdb2 gawk xmanpages
   xemacs20-nomule debianutils file nvi tkstep8.0 bsdmainutils rcs
   xemacs20-support ppp epic xsysinfo scm sed adduser flex tar xlockmore
   libtimedate-perl dpkg-dev the libgtk1 libgdbmg1 omniorb xcontrib word2x vm1
   elm-me+ sox zlib1g xspread electric-fence a2ps trn vim tcl8.0 libmime-perl
   leave xdm automake tkinfo xlib6g ical magicfilter imlib-base libjpeg62
   modutils perlmenu make-doc libnet-perl libhdf4g zed psutils xserver-svga
   xless dpkg-repack jade libc6-dev xserver-vga16 fvwm-common xfree86-common
   liborbit0 tk8.0 emacs20 emacs19 xmaddressbook dotfile-procmail fweb dialog
   sgml-data psgml grep gobjc isdnutils visual-tcl svgalibg1 man-db
   dpkg-multicd pdmenu xaw3dg zile indent mount libsp1 fdutils debsums
   kernel-package guile1.3 ltrace patch emacs20-el info glibc-doc sysklogd
   expect5.24 libc6 gzip iamerican binutils xf86setup debian-policy wxhelp
   xosview xpm4g catdoc urlview bin86 regina0 pdksh ldso make talkd ncurses-bin
   docbook gsfonts dotfile-bash hostname cutils less sysvinit lprng-doc lftp
   dejagnu wdiff mawk libungif3g 
368 packages upgraded, 71 newly installed, 25 to remove and 18 not upgraded.
Need to get 0B/208MB of archives. After unpacking 92.6MB will be used.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] Y
E: Internal Error, Couldn't configure a pre-depend

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