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Re: Problem: libc6 package in frozen damaged?

sharkey@ale.physics.sunysb.edu scripsit:
|You mean if the software fails to install completely, is the preinst
|script in /v/l/d/i from the new or old package?  Honestly, I don't know
|for sure.

Well, what I meant (reading the question it was rather badly put) was:
is the file in /v/l/d/i meant to be the new one after the dpkg -i is
started or only after the package has successfully installed?  As I
said I moved the one in there and after doing the dpkg nothing new
appeared (as in there was no /v/l/d/i/libc6.preinst) which worries me
a little.

|You can extract the scripts from the package by using ar.  Create a temp
|directory, run:
|ar -x libc_2.1.3-4_i386.deb
|tar -xvzf control.tar.gz

Ah, isn't it nice when someone knows what he's doing :-)  Thanks.
Will have a look at the script and try and work out what dies.


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