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Re: Problem: libc6 package in frozen damaged?

Arrigo, I have seen a few problems with libc6. Attached is an informative
email I got in response to my own queries.

My thoughts on your problem: take the /var/lib/dpkg/info/libc6.preinst and
libc6.postinst scripts and see if you can find what line causes the error.
Then comment that line out. (This works for me and ssh2, which seems to be
not flexible with port numbers. It might not work for libc6. :)

I don't think any of the libc6 scripts in /var/lib/dpkg/info should be only
a dpkg statement:

sarnold@amidala:/var/lib/dpkg/info$ wc -l libc6*
    932 libc6-dev.list
     16 libc6-dev.postinst
      7 libc6-dev.preinst
     12 libc6-dev.prerm
   1700 libc6.list
    204 libc6.postinst
     37 libc6.postrm
    107 libc6.preinst
     12 libc6.prerm
     22 libc6.shlibs
   3049 total
sarnold@amidala:/var/lib/dpkg/info$ md5sum libc6*
579d3055ac5a06fa34cac246f20eacf3  libc6-dev.list
487c7298f3586a23f9b310cb1457562c  libc6-dev.postinst
8ea9543d0cd47636dc28f8d1c226c817  libc6-dev.preinst
5c28577e7999343f0ff527522e1bf495  libc6-dev.prerm
612ee99b9ae8f24cd2c9f4a3b4a63332  libc6.list
1281c65474ff4ccf117e14323b317719  libc6.postinst
768c8099fb3b0e7f8df2a8a961b7796e  libc6.postrm
2a77c9af55ef72cc5d658208d5777f75  libc6.preinst
5425daf695f558ce5c4eefeaf40e59bb  libc6.prerm
a7d4c58547fedabe7d8ac581026fbbf1  libc6.shlibs

See if your files differ from these. I doubt they will, but it is worth

When I asked about a problem with a friend's computer and libc6, a fellow
debian user suggested the following commands: "apt-get update; apt-get
remove locales; apt-get install libc6; apt-get install locales". (It may not
have included that last command to install locales...)

Here is a quick description of a problem with libc6 that I have seen. Maybe
you will find this entertaining. :)

Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 23:17:59 -0700 (MST)
From: Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@ualberta.ca>
X-Sender: jgg@wakko.deltatee.com
To: Seth R Arnold <sarnold@willamette.edu>, libc6@packages.debian.org,
cc: Debian Developers <debian-devel@lists.debian.org>
Subject: Re: frozen libc6 wierdness
In-Reply-To: <20000201214820.F23806@willamette.edu>
Package: libgtk1.2
Version: 1.2.6-1
Severity: important
On Tue, 1 Feb 2000, Seth R Arnold wrote:
> In any event, I rather like many of the packages apt suggested
> uninstalling, so I am not sure upgrading is really the right thing to
> do, but releasing potato in a state where the newest libc6 libraries
> conflict with so many useful packages, it just seems wrong.
It appears APT is unable to resolve the forced removal of gconv-modules
and the substitution of locales. Regrettably, I don't think this is
something APT is going to be able to do in the future at all, it is a
highly complicated.. The dependency relations look something like this:
              /-> gconv-modules -\
libgtk1.2 -> ??            ^      +-> (conflict) libc6
     |        \-> locales -| (conflict)            | (depend+conflict!)
Lots of nice circles and the bizzar use of | causes the paradoxical
depending and not-depending on libc6 simultaneously!
I think the primary way to fix this problem is to fix up the depends line
of libgtk1.2:
Depends: gconv-modules | libc6 (<< 2.1), libc6, libc6 (>= 2.1), libglib1.2
                         (>= 1.2.0), xlib6g (>= 3.3.4-1)
    Mentioning libc6 3 times is really, really lame and I think that the
    fact it is in the failing | group is the primary cause of this
    Thus the identical depends line:
Depends: gconv-modules, libc6 (> 2.1), libglib1.2 (>= 1.2.0), xlib6g(>=
    Should be used instead!
Ideally, to really stamp this out libgtk1.2 would directly depend on
locales (Joel??) for potato. However, I have a feeling just fixing that |
group will make it go away!
Any other packages that use the above rediculous construct should also be
fixed as well!!

This bug gets to be important for two primary reasons:
  1) Old APTs freak out when they see this in a really strange and scary
  2) New APTs like to remove libgtk1.2 to solve the problem, thus nuking
     substantial amounts of gtk using packages in the process.

dselect users (at least on top of APT) will not see this problem
 *so long as they correctly select locales when prompted*!


All in all, libc6 seems might touchy. frozen seemed touchy. unstable seemed
touchy. I hope something sane is figured out before frozen becomes the new

I hope this helps. :)

On Thu, Feb 24, 2000 at 09:33:41AM +0000, Arrigo Triulzi wrote:
> Hi,
> I did a dist-upgrade on a 2.1 machine yesterday and I am now left in a
> weird state as the libc6 package appears to have a problem in the
> libc.preinst script.  Apt complains that it returns with an error 139
> and the script only contains a dpkg statement (no exit, no nothing).
> Package is:
> libc6_2.1.3-4.deb
> dated Feb 21 on ftp.uk.debian.org (but this is poss. an artifact of
> the mirroring script).
> I have tried the following mirrors:
> ftp.uk.debian.org
> ftp.de.debian.org
> http.us.debian.org
> and they all have the same faulty package.
> Please help, this was meant to be a production machine :-)
> Arrigo
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