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2.2.7 install report

I just ran a fresh install on a Pentium 100 with two HDs ( 853, 524 Mb)

Notes on install

Used Rescue Root and 3 drivers then switched to network install. Very

	During the module install phase it would be very nice to have
	the module list where I left it after installing a specific
	module. Should I submit a wishlist bug?
Hiccup #1
	Went through config and selection process cleanly but when I
	tried to use dselect to install a default set of packages I got
	a serious Perl glitch. Fix, I exited dselect and used dpkg -i
	perl* in /var/apt/cache/archives

Hiccup #2
	Lilo failed to creat a bootable partition. I believ that I
	configured everytHing correctly but this machine was a basket
	case a few days ago so could just be hardware problems.
	Symptom.... got "Li" on boot

Thats all for now, I probably be doing more fresh installs in the near
future and will give more feed back. Hope this helps


Frisco Rose	rosef@eou.edu	

Science Journal Ed. 		scijou@scijou.eou.edu
Hoke Center 307			Ph# 2-3787

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