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unable to install Potato from 2000-02-13(?) floppies, bug fodder

I'm completely unable to boot from these floppies on a machine which
has an ATAPI floppy drive. For the record, these same disks
successfully ran on a machine with a legacy floppy device.
These are the default disk images under disks-i386/current/disks-1.44

First, floppy device is hardcoded in syslinux as /dev/fd0.
Second, ATAPI floppy support isn't compiled into the kernel the floppy
Third, after compiling a kernel with ATAPI floppy support (and
hopefully everything else the boot kernel needed) i'm not prompted to
insert a disk with the ramdisk image.

The kernel always panics unable to mount /, not surprisingly.

Do we have any hopes of performing a FLOPPY (not having a CD to
bootstrap) install in Potato, either something with boot/root on the
same device, or somehow getting the kernel to load ramdisk from a
(perhaps unspecified) IDE or SCSI device? Currently I'm unable to
install onto this machine, and I'm loath to install Slink and upgrade.

Anyway, once I get this machine set up, I'm going to be seeing about
making a single LS120 bootable install image. But as it could turn out
to be rather hard to write the image to LS media, I consider being
able to boot from 1.44MB floppies to be a higher priority. And if it's
possible (not a kernel issue) I'd like to get it fixed in time for


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