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Re: package selection problems (Re: boot floppies 2.2.7 available for testing)

On Sat, 19 Feb 2000, Joey Hess wrote:

> Brandon Mitchell wrote:
> > After reboot, it asks to configure apt.  Now, I have no cd, not currently
> > dialed in, and no local mirror.  Manually configuring the sources.list
> > works easy enough, complains about not being able to verify things
> > (expected).
> Why expected? It should have no problems verifying it if you entered correct
> information and an "apt-get update" would proceed with no errors.

Because I have no cd, wasn't currently dialed in, and don't have a local
mirror :-)  I put the settings that would work when I do dialin.  (The
phone is currently tied up with this, and it didn't even offer to setup
ppp when I configured the network card.)

> > I had to cancel the apt config to pass to the next part.
> > Canceling the simple/advanced package selection returned me to the same
> > (or maybe the apt) dialog.  I knew simple would have problems since I
> > didn't have a network connection.  Trying advanced caused a reboot.
> That's quite odd since it just runs dselect.

Very odd.  It will also take a while to replicate (spending 10 minutes
feeding floppies, another 10 answering questions, and watching it think or
reboot for another 10, for a "switching to runlevel 6" message that lasts
a few seconds).


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