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Re: PCMCIA problems upgrading slink -> potato

> There is this constant trade off between too many and too few questions. 
> I think that because apt told you what it was about to remove, and the
> fact that most of the laptop world has an idea of what pcmcia is, we have
> asked enough questions here.  We can't make the package essential because
> it isn't for people that don't have laptops.

All very good points, which I agree with, but...

> My personal opinion is that cdroms are the best for laptops, and people
> should expect problems when upgrading to anything except stable.

#1 This presupposes the existence of a cdrom drive for said laptop.
#2 This presupposes that a CD copy of Debian is readily available.
#3 This issue affects upgrading to stable, too!  I've been bitten by this
   one a few times, as have other people I know.  It can be really annoying.

Personally, I don't think this issue should be ignored.

One possible solution to this would be to modify the PCMCIA pre-remove
scripts to ask a question if and only if a configured PCMCIA network
device is found.  For users who don't have any PCMCIA devices,
the package could remove itself silently, and for users who are
upgrading through a PCMCIA modem or LAN, a critical level question could
be asked.

This solves the problem without needing to kludge apt or annoy too many
non-PCMCIA users.


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