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Re: PCMCIA problems upgrading slink -> potato

There is this constant trade off between too many and too few questions. 
I think that because apt told you what it was about to remove, and the
fact that most of the laptop world has an idea of what pcmcia is, we have
asked enough questions here.  We can't make the package essential because
it isn't for people that don't have laptops.  We aren't going to kluge apt
to ask for this one package.  A question in the pre-remove script (I'm
guessing this would be another way) would add another question to people
who remove the pcmcia stuff on an initial install right after they were
just asked the same question by the bootfloppies.

My personal opinion is that cdroms are the best for laptops, and people
should expect problems when upgrading to anything except stable.

I hope your laptop is doing better now,

On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, Julian Gilbey wrote:

> The following happened to both me and a friend.  I don't know if it
> still occurs, but it can be very nasty.
> When doing an apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade from a slink laptop
> to potato, where the slink machine was running a 2.0.36 kernel, apt
> decided that the potato modutils (?) conflicted with the slink
> pcmcia-modules-2.0.36 (although it may have been something else; I'm
> not quite sure).  Whichever, I accidentally went ahead with the
> upgrade, and sure enough, I lost contact with all of my PCMCIA devices
> and hence with the outside world.  No problem, though, as I'll just
> recompile my kernel and reinstall the modules, forcing things if
> necessary.  But -- horror! -- the 2.0.36 kernel wouldn't compile with
> the potato gcc (too new, needed some sort of patch).  And I was
> stuck.  Thankfully, I had a 2.2.1 kernel source package on my slink
> CD, so I was able to bootstrap my machine back until I could download
> a more stable 2.2.x kernel.
> But I think that apt offering to remove a pcmcia-modules-* package in
> favour of something else is potentially quite nasty.
> I'm not sure what to suggest to do about it, though.
>    Julian
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