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Re: Slink install and upgrade

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Matt Thompson wrote:

> I installed 2.0 fresh from a CheapBytes CD.  I chose Standard (~89M), then
> X, afterstep and GIMP.  I then upgraded to slink from ftp.debian.org.
> Everything installed without issue.  The only problem was that the xdm and
> xterm packages didn't get installed during the upgrade, even though I was
> using both for the 2.0 installation.  I had to go back and choose those to
> be installed.

Yeah, we all get that.  A lot of the stuff which was in xbase is now
broken out separately.

> The other interesting thing is that dselect didn't seem to get upgraded.
> The initial Access interface looks the same, and it doesn't give percent
> completion and dowload speeds while getting packages.

IIRC, you only get this if you use the apt access method.  I had installed
apt in hamm and configured dselect to use the apt method, so it remained
when I upgraded to slink (using 'apt-get dist-upgrade'). 


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