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Slink install and upgrade

I installed 2.0 fresh from a CheapBytes CD.  I chose Standard (~89M), then
X, afterstep and GIMP.  I then upgraded to slink from ftp.debian.org.
Everything installed without issue.  The only problem was that the xdm and
xterm packages didn't get installed during the upgrade, even though I was
using both for the 2.0 installation.  I had to go back and choose those to
be installed.

The other interesting thing is that dselect didn't seem to get upgraded.
The initial Access interface looks the same, and it doesn't give percent
completion and dowload speeds while getting packages.

I then installed slink in an empty partition from a full set of 2.1.4
disks.  The installation and the subsequent further package install went
fine.  I again chose Standard, plus asclassic and GIMP.  xterm and xdm
were installed by default this time.  twm, wasn't, however, so I had to go
back and install it before I could run XF86Setup.  Everything else went


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