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Re: testing group -- please test the documentation

[I'm not on debian-testing, Cc me if you reply only on this list.]

On Saturday 9 January 1999, at 2 h 28, the keyboard of Adam Di Carlo 
<adam@onshore.com> wrote:

> >> 7.18 Select and install programs
> > This section do need a facelift.
> Yes, any particular comments?

I wrote this section (and Adam fixed it). But the fact that I write 
documentation in english does not mean I can read english. What is a 
"facelift"? What do you want to change in that section? What is wrong or badly 

> > I.e. no /local/ part and tar xzf without directory.
> Why?  I actually like using /usr/local better since it's under user
> control, not dpkg control.

(I wrote this section, too.) I agree. Moreover, it is the recommended way in kernel-package documentation.

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