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My current install and upgrade

Well, over here in modem-by-night land, things go a bit slow.  However,
I've got my two systems doing their thing (alternating with the one phone 
line) to help out.

System a: Doing an install from 2.1.4 disks, looking good.
System b: Doing an upgrade from an out of date slink, wait and see time.

Big problems now are with mirrors.  Non-us is pretty bad, but (was is
Hammish that posted it?) I've got another mirror to try.  Also, I can't
get a good download of Branden's latest X packages.  However, I'm guessing
he'll get another set before I finish downloading this set.  Anyone feel
like mirroring Branden's directory on master?  I'm also trying the
2.2.0-pre3 kernel.  I can't get ppp running (that's why I'm upgrading my
main system today, hopefully it's an old package), but it looks like an
interesting road ahead.  That was the first time I tried to make a kernel
as modular as I could.  

Anyway, I'm testing what I can as fast as possible because things are
getting close.  Keep an eye out for the next set of X packages, check out
those docs that APH is working on, and don't forget that we are looking at
a release by the end of the month.

Keep those test reports coming!

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| Brandon Mitchell * bhmit1@mail.wm.edu * http://bhmit1.home.ml.org/ |
|  Sometimes you have to release software with bugs. - MS Recruiter  |

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