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Re: Status check

On Wed, 30 Dec 1998 02:17:45 -0800 (PST), Matt Thompson <mattyt@oz.net> said:
>> I just saw a new set of bootfloppies get uploaded to Incoming mere
>> hours ago, these issues and more claim to be fixed.

> Sorry to be a dweeb, but where do I find these?  I am unable to find
> them in either llug.sep.bnl.gov/pub/debian/Incoming or
> ftp1.us.debian.org/debian/Incoming.  llug has an incomplete 2.1.4
> set of 1.2mb floppies, and ftp1 has only 2.1.3 floppies.

It's probably mirroring as you wrote this?

> I've been searching for about 15 minutes now, and can find no
> definitive lists of Incoming mirrors.

See the www.debian.org devel pages, specifically

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