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Re: Status check (don't forget laptops)

On Wed, 30 Dec 1998 00:15:58 -0500 (EST), Brandon Mitchell <bhmit1@CS.WM.EDU> said:
> On 29 Dec 1998, Ben Gertzfield wrote:
>> The new 2.0.36 kernel on the boot-floppies is a zImage kernel (as
>> opposed to a bzImage kernel), so we shouldn't have a problem with
>> any laptops or any computers with bad floppy controllers at all
>> now.

> Ok, any idea on why the image shrank so much?  Or is it that a
> larger kernel can be used (no more kernel size limit)?  Now the only
> reason laptops should be on my list is for the pcmcia and power
> management stuff.  Things are looking good.

I just tested this.  I had a problem where /etc/fstab wasn't created
(see Bug#31431).  But PCMCIA and NFS installation of the base system
had no problems.  I haven't completed the whole cycle; I just
installed the base system and left it at that (didn't even run the
post-base-install tasks) since the lack of /etc/fstab horked that
process anyhow.

Some laptops seem to have some serious problems where the backlight
gets turned off during the first boot, I think.  I don't think we have
any clues on this; I would guess some sort of hardware probe is
triggering a problem for some models (but not mine).

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