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Re: Status check (don't forget laptops)

On Tue, 29 Dec 1998, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> On Tue, 29 Dec 1998, Brandon Mitchell wrote:
> > 1) boot floppies
> >    a) is that modconf bug that makes you hit enter going to be fixed?
> >    b) there is an ETA of this weekend on another build, is that 2.0.26?
> I just saw a new set of bootfloppies get uploaded to Incoming mere hours
> ago, these issues and more claim to be fixed.

Yup, good job Enrique.  One thing that worries me, LAPTOPS!  If something
needed a tecra disk before, I'll like to be sure it works ok without the
tecra patch now.

> >    b) have the dependencies been worked out for things like xterm, how
> >       about making xf86setup recommend vga16 (and depend on any server)
> I thought the graphical setup required vga16? If not that would explain
> why it didn't work (I had an ATI card as the default)

Let's see:
Depends: xbase-clients, xfonts-75dpi, xfonts-base, xserver-vga16 |
xserver, xterm, libc6 (>= 2.0.7u), xlib6g (>= 3.3-5)

I guess that means vga16 is prefered (or is it that you can't depend on
just a virtual package).  However, no suggest or recommends vga16, so my
svga server eleminated that depends screen from coming up.

> >    c) bootable cd's and multi-cd installs seem to be the big questions
> APT v3 (http://www.debian.org/~jgg) has working CD-ROM support and with
> some testing will be able to do the multi cdrom trick, right now it works
> in a limited fashion (no disk swaps once started)

Ohh, I'm looking forward to that more than the 2.2 kernel.  My mouth is

Thanks Jason,

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