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boot-floppies 2.1.2 works but not perfect

Downloaded the binaries resc1440.bin.2.1.2-i386, ... and others from incoming.

The bootdisks produced a working debian 2.1 system but I got the wrong
keyboard mapping. I selected the "qwerty/se-latin1    :  Sweden"
but I got something else instead. It's somewhat strange to type with a
unfamiliar mapping.

Anyhow I got a working system with functioning network with the eepro100
network driver. DNS lookups works via the network.

The installation was made from a local slink mirror on a second harddrive.

With the "Basic" install there where 2 missing dependencies. They where
libident and ncurses3.4

With the "work_std" there where a great deal of missing dependencies.
xserver-common, libjpeg62 .....
Missing was also xf86setup which is easy for a newbie.

I should have included more details but I am in a great hurry.

//Gunnar isaksson

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