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Poll: Virtual Debian Switzerland Meeting Date Repetition Rule (was: Re: Debian Zurich Meetup today [...] / restaurant and date discussion)


Martin Ebnöther wrote:
> > Another discussion which also came up occasionally is if we should
> > separate the date for the virtual meetup from the real-life meetup so
> > that people who'd like to join both can actually do that.
> Not a bad idea. Taking part of a virtual meeting while being in
> a restaurant just does not work. 

That's the main idea behind it.

> I also have other Meetings on Fridays sometime. Oki, the Nemesis
> meeting kind of died out since some of the participants finished
> the main quest. There is the Synthesizer Bodensee Talk
> sometimes and, then, well... Friday. :)

And that's the reason for ...

> > So we have many options. What are your preferences? Or shall we make a
> > web based poll for that? :-)
> Yes! Poll! Democracy! \O/

..., yes,  a poll:


For now the poll automatically closes at the end of the year, but in
case there's some (near) obvious result, I might close it earlier and
announce new dates. :-)

		Regards, Axel
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