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Re: Debian Zurich Meetup today (Tue, 4. October 2022), 18:30 at St. Gallerhof + Jitsi again / restaurant and date discussion

On the Tue, Oct 04, 2022 at 01:35:12AM +0200, Axel Beckert blubbered:


> respectively Switzerland meetup again at the restaurant St. Gallerhof
> (Konradstr. 2, 8005 Zürich; near HB;
> https://www.st-gallerhof.ch/), starting at 18:30 local time.

> A note about the meetup's (real-life) location:
> Some people were suggesting to switch to another restaurant. But I
> don't want to break the current (and well-known) tradition unless
> there at least has been some discussion on this list
> (debian-switzerland@lists.debian.org), and preferably at the end of
> the discussion even a consensus.

Eyup. St. Gallerhof is... okee-ish but the menu is getting old.
Also, it is mostly convenience food being served and the choices
for a dessert are just the "Kalte Lust" ice creams.
At least they have free Wi-Fi by Monzoon though.

> I'm though happy to change that if we find a consensus about another
> location here on the list.

Fabian suggested the Weinstube 1923 near the Central Polybahn
Station. I've not yet been there though. 

Another restaurant close to the Zürich HB would be the Simplon
Bar. They serve some of the best Flammkuchen in Zürich, but
there is no possibility to sit outside. And they have no Wi-Fi
at all. (Although that only needs a power socket to run a
temporary Freifunk node.)

> Another discussion which also came up occasionally is if we should
> separate the date for the virtual meetup from the real-life meetup so
> that people who'd like to join both can actually do that.

Not a bad idea. Taking part of a virtual meeting while being in
a restaurant just does not work. 

> If there are at least a few people in favour of that, we can do that.
> The question is the one about the day of week for the Jitsi meetup. I
> know some people are unhappy with Tuesdays, but there's not so much
> choice due to other local associations with which we have overlaps in
> members (and of which I know at least), having their meetups, too:
> * Mondays is virtual CCCZH meetup
> * Wednesday is real-life CCCZH meetup
> * Thursdays is (hybrid) LUGS meetup every 4 weeks
> * Fridays is (hybrid) LUGS meetup every 4 weeks (with 2 weeks offset)

There is always something!
(Immer iss was!)

> So maybe one (a bit complicated) option would be to say we do the
> Jitsi meetup every first Friday in the week unless there's a LUGS
> meetup on that date, in which case it would be Thursday instead. (This
> though might clash on some Thursdays with a private repeating
> appointment of mine.)

I also have other Meetings on Fridays sometime. Oki, the Nemesis
meeting kind of died out since some of the participants finished
the main quest. There is the Synthesizer Bodensee Talk
sometimes and, then, well... Friday. :)

> Another option would be to do it alternating every first Monday on
> e.g. even months and e.g. every first Wednesday on odd months.


> Or let's just say that because CCCZH meetups happen weekly, we expect
> that those who want to go to both can skip CCCZH meetups once a month
> and just go to the remaining 7 (virtual + real-life) meetups per month.
> So we have many options. What are your preferences? Or shall we make a
> web based poll for that? :-)

Yes! Poll! Democracy! \O/

CU, Venty

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