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debian.ch AGM 2020 invitation - Sat 2019-02-15 17:00, Bern

[ This mail is BCCed to all current members. ]

Dear all,

This is your invitation to the General Meeting of the `debian.ch' association 
which will be held in Bern on Saturday February 15. 2020.

Location: Burgunderstrasse 91, 3018 Bern

Time:     Saturday 2020-02-15 17:00 CET

The debian.ch GM will be followed by the traditional fondue! Please register 
your planned attendance for the GM and the fondue in the following poll:


The prospective agenda for the GM is as follows; please send any modification 
proposals to board@debian.ch.

debian.ch Annual General Meeting

* Greetings
* Ratification of the minutes of the AGM 2019 (attached)
* Reports from the board
* Discharge of the board
* Approval of new members
  (no new members applied since the last AGM so far) 
* Board election
* Varia

See you there!

On behalf of the board,

Didier Raboud
    president of debian.ch
Hash: SHA512


Presence: Didier Raboud (OdyX, chari), Philipp Hug, Gaudenz Steinlin
(minutes), Axel Beckert

Excused: Eva Ramon, Daniel Pocock, Iustin Pop, Raphael Walther

Date: February 16, 2018 17:00-18:18

* Greetings
  Voting members present: 4

* Ratification of the minutes of the AGM 2018
  Agreed: 4

* Reports from the board

** President (Didier Raboud)
   The mailinglist was migrated to Debian infrastructure. There was a
   BSP in December in Bern with reasonable attendance. The regular
   meetups in Zurich are still active and mostly well attended.
   Otherwise not much activity this year. Only small (~30 CHF)
   merchandise sales.

** Treasurer (Philipp Hug)
   Three larger donations and several smaller ones. The total amount of
   donations is 5923.65 CHF, the total profit is 4334.74 CHF. The
   detailed financial statement is attached to the minutes.
   Agreed: 3
   Abstain: 1

* Discharge of the board
  Agreed: 4

* Approval of new members
  no new members applied since the last AGM

* Board election
  Candidates: Didier Raboud, Philipp Hug, Gaudenz Steinlin
  Agreed: 4

* Varia

** Raphael has a Debian banner from DebConf 13
   We decide it should go to someone who can use it better. We decided
   that it should go to Axel Beckert at the last AGM but that did not
   happen. Didier will check with him.

** @debian.ch Mail aliases: Philipp will take care to try to move them
   to Debian infrastructure. If that's not possible he will try to
   find another solution even a commercial one in Switzerland.

** debian.ch Website: We move the website to be hosted at netlify or
   another CDN. Philipp will implement a solution which pushes there
   from our repository on salsa.debian.org.

** Donations in Bitcoin: We decided to accept them last year, but it's
   not yet announced on the website. Philipp will take care.

** Mini-Debconf in Vaumarcus: We are investigating the possibility of
   a Mini-Debconf on the Week-end of September 20/21/22 or any other
   date in September/October. Didier will talk with Le Camp about
   possible dates and take the lead in organization.

** Next AGM: 15 February 2020 in Zurich. Organizer: Axel Beckert


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