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Re: [mdc-vmrc] Venue access and network

On 22/09/2019 06:27, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
> Dear Vaumarcus people,
> Quick update from a venue phone again. They mentionned the expensive fiber 
> connection they had to wring in for DebConf13 and affirmed they had had no 
> interest to tear it down since :-) So uplink is ~ DebConf13's.
> As for wired ethernet access, the person in charge was very much OK to let us 
> access their uplink directly, provided that we don't break their other 
> buildings' internet, of course. I could not yet clarify whether the Rotonde 
> building had in-wall ethernet wires (and will get a call back this week), so 
> we might need to bring in some Ethernet cables and hardware; but that's easy™.
> So, not yet 100% solved, but "will happen".
> A minor caveat though, they insisted that we shall not be too pushy against 
> the previous renters nor the cleaning staff, for good reasons. That means that 
> when they say that the buildings will only be available from 14:30 on, we have 
> to work with that. My idea was still to reach the venue for around 11:00 in 
> order to introduce ourselves, discuss the little details with the venue staff, 
> etc; but that means that we'll be kept outside "our" building (Rotonde) until 
> 14:30. Bring a pic-nic and enjoy a coffee break! :)
> Cheers,
>     OdyX
Perfect! These are good news :) Ok, so let's meet us at 11:00 hrs. on
Friday 25th at the venue to start with the actions OdyX says. Thanks for
the information,


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