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[mdc-vmrc] Coffee, Tea and Beer

Dear Vaumarcus people,

so, overcoming my despairing reluctance to grab a phone, I just got the venue 
on the phone again.

* Coffee: they have a filter coffee machine available in our building, but we 
need to bring our own grinded coffee; orga will take care and cover for this
	→ solved
* Tea: water boilers available, need to bring our own tea; orga will also take 
care and cover for this
	→ solved

	(Of course, feel free to bring your own "thing that, when put in hot-water,
    provides joy")

* Beer: as mentionned earlier, they provide 20L beer kegs. We pay any open 
beer keg. I've ordered 4 for now; that seems plenty given the current 

(The wired network will need another call this WE, the person in charge was 
not there.)


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