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Re: Any DDs in Romandie willing to sign my key?

Hi there Gard,

Le mercredi, 8 août 2018, 15.08:18 h CEST Gard Spreemann a écrit :
> In preparation for applying to become a DM, I need to get my PGP key
> signed by a few DDs. I'm assuming physical ID verification is
> required?

Not necessarily, it's usually a personal policy anyway.

> I currently live in Lausanne, and would be happy to travel a trainride
> away if someone is willing to meet me. Anyone? I offer beer/coffee
> (totally not bribery).

I live in Vevey and work in the center of Lausanne (Etraz 4).

Let's have lunch together one of these days! What about Wednesday 29. at Pizza 


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