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Re: Video editing software and a documentary on neutrality

On 02/10/15 21:13, kingsley@loaner.com wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> If you happen to have the time, and are so inclined, I'd be interested
> in your thoughts
> on how Blender compares to dedicated video editing applications like
> OpenShot and Kdenlive.

I tried Cinelerra a few years ago and it was crashing so I gave up
trying to edit video on Linux for a while.  More recently, somebody
suggested Blender and I tried that and it has been more stable.  As I
haven't tried other alternatives, I can't give a definite comparison.

Around the time I tried Cinelerra, I tried to install some other package
but it wouldn't run at all, I don't remember which application it was

> For example, how well does Blender support transitions and special effects?

It does support these things, but I can't give you a comparison because
I haven't tried much of that.  You can find a lot of video tutorials
demonstrating the different features though.



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