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Re: Video editing software and a documentary on neutrality

Hi Daniel,

If you happen to have the time, and are so inclined, I'd be interested in your thoughts
on how Blender compares to dedicated video editing applications like OpenShot and Kdenlive.

For example, how well does Blender support transitions and special effects?


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Wed, 23 Sep 2015 09:16:40 +0200
Re: Video editing software and a documentary on neutrality

On 23/09/15 08:44, kingsley@loaner.com wrote:
> For what it's worth, here are my humble thoughts on open source software
> that I use for a documentary on Switzerland's excellent neutrality.
> It seems to me that in the last few years, a usable video editing
> package became available for linux.
> It's called "openshot".
> But make sure to save your work about every minute.
> I love its special effects and transitions like fade in, fade out, video
> within a video, etc, etc...
> However, openshot is not being updated.
> So, I went back to another opensource video editor named "kdenlive",
> which I remembered as having trouble synchronizing
> audio and video.
> Kdenlive seems to me to have even more special effects.
> And I find that when I now import .wav audio files, I often loose about
> a second of sound at random positions/times.
> To be fair, I don't know if this is caused by my recording device or the
> bug I remembered in kdenlive.
> So far, I work around it by just using the audio from the camera's built
> in microphone, which is lower quality, but only for the second of
> missing audio from the imported .wav file.
> kdenlive crashes too, but not as often. (Save, save and save.)

I've been using Blender for some video:

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