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Suggested keysigning meeting in Zurich [Was: Keysigning in Zurich, 7.9. to 12.9.?]

Hi everybody,

I arrived in Zurich and have also been told that tomorrow, due to the
holiday, most places will be closed - including the workshop location at
the ETH building that we will be at during the day. One of the
organizers suggested that we could meet at the "Imagine" bar at Zurich
Hauptbahnhof (which is supposedly easy to find and obviously very central).

Would that work for everybody, e.g. around 18:30? As it won't be a big
party, there is no need to send keys in advance. I suggest we mostly
exchange names/fingerprints and check the identity documents next to
having a one or two drinks. I'd also love briefly discussing a few
current Debian issues if anybody is interested.

best regards,

---- There is nothing private in this email.

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