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Re: smartcards in .ch?

Uh .. but .. you usually don't pay that presentation cost if the the
total value is below the limit, do you? Sounds like this all depends on
the blood pressure of the agent in charge...

No, it's a fixed rule. If the tax/VAT to be collected is less than CHF 5, it is waived.
This results in a limit of CHF 62.50 (with 8% VAT) for goods+shipment costs.
If your shipment costs more than this 62.50 you have to pay VAT for the whole amount.

Or what transporter was that? I remember reading complaints about UPS
always charging such a fee, even if it didn't have to present anything
to the customs (for German customers, though).

The presentation cost is added by the shipping company.
e.g. Swiss Post charges:
CHF 12 or CHF 16.50 basic price (depending on sender country)
+  3% of value of the goods:
see: http://www.swisspost.ch/post-startseite/post-privatkunden/post-empfangen/post-importverzollung/post-importverzollung-preise-pk-pakete-international.htm

I'm awaiting something from Hong Kong in a few days [1]. Totaling to
somewhere just below the limit. I'll report back how that turned out.

If the total amount you paid (product+shipping) is below CHF 62.50, you're fine.


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