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Re: Debian and Trusted Associations, again

On 13/07/12 02:38, Philipp Hug wrote:
> Daniel,
> As i told you before and Gaudenz also mentioned it in his email, we
> want a 1:1 translation of the current bylaws so that there are no
> legal implication of the change of the bylaws to English.
> After the change of the bylaws to English has been accepted we can
> talk about and accept further changes to it.
> But I'd really like to keep this discussion separate or we'll never
> have English bylaws ;-)

I'm in agreement with that strategy - but the subject line was changed
by Luca, so this is now a different thread for a parallel discussion of
the other issues

It would be good for people to reply on the original thread to confirm
that the translation is ready for it to go to a lawyer

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