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Re: English translation (unofficial/non-legal) of the by-laws

>> I think this relationship between the association and the project is not
>> clear enough in the document - but the important point to remember is
>> that the association is an independent entity.
> OK I now understand your point. I'm not sure if there is any
> clarification need because up until now at least I assumed all assets to
> be hold on behalf of Debian. So there are no assets that belong to
> someone else. But if someone thinks this needs clarification, please
> propose a change of the by-laws at the next AGM and we can talk about
> it. 

Just to make another example:

- debian.ch sells some T-shirts and raises 1000 CHF

- the board decides to put 500 CHF in a bank account for the Debian
project, 300 CHF in a bank account to pay for the T-shirt printing, and
200 CHF in a bank account for paying professional expenses and
insurances (e.g. the legal fees)

My feeling is that the 300 CHF (to pay a debt to the T-shirt company)
and 200 CHF in that other bank account is then debian.ch money - it is
not an asset of the Debian project.

You can also look at it in reverse: if debian.ch did not pay the
T-shirty company, the company would not be able to make a claim against
the DPL, SPI, or any other participant in the Debian project.  So
debian.ch can have assets and liabilities of it's own.

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