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Re: English translation (unofficial/non-legal) of the by-laws


I commited all the changes from Daniel to the git repository. It would
make my life easier to have these as patches in the future. If you want
members can even have push access.

Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.com.au> writes:

> On 12/07/12 08:24, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
>>> the association are used. (translation note: does not distinguish
>>> project assets from assocation's operating account/assets)
>> Why should it or what's the difference? 
> Clause 2.2:
> "The Society holds on behalf of the Debian project assets in Switzerland
> and Liechtenstein."
> In particular, "on behalf of" gives the suggestion that it is holding
> assets for a third party
> Such assets may be distinct from the assets of the association:
> - someone makes a donation to the association: asset of debian.ch - but
> of course, debian.ch can choose to use this money for the Debian project
> - someone buys a T-shirt, the T-shirt has the Debian logo, the logo is
> owned by SPI, so the money from the sale may be considered an asset of
> the Debian project from the moment of the sale

Just as a remark: SPI does not "own" the logo, they may just hold the
copyright (not sure about this). But anyway there is no license fee
involved for the Debian logo. So no money has to go to SPI.

> I think this relationship between the association and the project is not
> clear enough in the document - but the important point to remember is
> that the association is an independent entity.

OK I now understand your point. I'm not sure if there is any
clarification need because up until now at least I assumed all assets to
be hold on behalf of Debian. So there are no assets that belong to
someone else. But if someone thinks this needs clarification, please
propose a change of the by-laws at the next AGM and we can talk about


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