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Re: Debconf13 meeting Tue 08/31/2011 1900 in Lausanne


Subscribed to this list for a while now, never introduced myself though.
Some of you I've met at Martin's goodbye WG party in Oerlikon a while
back. I switched from OSX to Debian about a year ago and I love it. I
work at liip.ch in Fribourg 3 days a week, one day in Zurich for
(http://uwewittwer.com), have a family (http://bundlebit.com), collect
vinyl records, dj, run a clubnight (http://stridenight.com) etc.
At liip I work in support/operations, doing mostly Moodle stuff, lots
of Debian packaging deployments and I still can't code.

If a meeting room in Lausanne is an issue still, I can see if we can use
the new liip Lausanne office, it has a cool roof terrace... Let me
know. Anyway, I'll take part in the meeting on the 31st, as I'd like to see you lot
and help with debconf13.ch if I can.


Kevin Mueller
Neubrückstrasse 55
CH - 3012 Bern
Phone +41 31 301 89 61
Mobile +41 78 614 00 66
GPG  0xFE224440

Skype: kevinmoilar | Twitter: kevinmoilar

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