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3rd debconf13.ch meeting

[ Resent to the list now that the DNS is fixed. ]


After the second meeting at Debconf in Banja Luka about having Debconf
13 in Switzerland I volunteered to organise the next meeting in
Switzerland. Please everyone interested in Debconf in Switzerland
please fill out the follwoing Doodle poll until next Monday.


I'll send a prospective agenda and details about the location together
wit the final meeting invitation next week.


P.S.: I CCed everyone that was CCed for the first meeting minutes
except those that I know that they are either not interested or are
subscribed to the community mailinglist. I won't CCed individual ppl
for further mails about Debconf in Switzerland anymore unless you
specifically indicate that you would like to be CCed and don't want to
subscribe to the community list.
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