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Debian Bug Squashing Party in Bern, Switzerland: 27/28th november 2010


In order to help the release of Debian Squeeze, there will be a Debian
Bug Squashing Party in Bern, Switzerland, on the weekend of 27/28th
November. It will be held at "Aareheim"[1] in the center of Bern very
close to the main train station.

Even if you are not a Debian developer, but are interested in helping
Debian to get all the open release critical bugs fixed, you're welcome
at the BSP.  There will be enough developers around to sponsor your
NMUs. Some more information about BSPs and RC-Bugsquashing can be found
at bottom of the wiki page[2].

Coordination for the BSP is done on the wiki page[2]. Please fill your
name into the appropriate table on the wiki page if you plan to

All the details about the BSP can be found on the wiki page[2]. Please
recheck this page before leaving home for last-minute informations.

[1] http://www.aareheim.ch/
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/BSP2010/Bern
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