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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Debian Merchandise BoF?

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On Mon, Aug 02, 2010 at 09:10:16PM -0400, Luca Capello wrote:
> These is a report of the Merchandise BoF at DebConf10:

Thanks a lot for the BoF and for the report!

> I cc:ed the debian-publicity@ mailing list because during the meeting we
> decided that the best place to continue discussing about merchandise
> should be the Debian Marketing Team <http://wiki.debian.org/Marketing>,
> which mailing list is... debian-publicity@!  Before any flame, please
> read the *full* mail, thanks in advance.

FWIW, I personally agree that -publicity is the right place to have this
discussion, as there you find people that are interested in promoting
Debian in various ways.  I've been told (by you) that there is a
-merchandise mailing list somewhere (can't check right now as I'm
offline). Having both lists at this point might sound quite confusing.
Would you mind mailing that list that merchandise stuff will be
discussed here?

> We discussed shortly about the merchandise@debian.org address, but we
> were not able to find out who actually receives this mail, thus we stop
> at this point.  IMHO this address should be the primary resource for any
> merchandise question, being it official/commercial or for booth/event
> preparation.
> People organizing booth should deal with a single specific entity and
> they should be able to simply request for a booth box.  Obviously Debian
> will cover any shipping costs, for both receiving and sending
> back what was not sold.

I confirm that as well as the willing to use Debian money to sponsor the
shipment of material to prepare booths and the like. Regarding the
<merchandise@debian.org> address, I think that ideally that should be
the role address that gets mail on "please send me the box". At this
point in time, it would then probably be better to have it point to
people willing to coordinate that, rather than to -www.

If you, or anyone else interested in organizing merchandising are ready
to follow this list for such notices, we can have it point here.
Otherwise (and I think it would be better) we should have it point to
individuals willing to take the responsibility of merchandising
coordination; that might be you, together with other people volunteering
for that.

> This booth box should contain a pre-defined set of merchandise stuff:
> T-Shirts, flyers (e.g. <http://debian-flyers.alioth.debian.org/>) and so
> on.  For a better (and in some case also professional) booth experience,
> Debian could also provide booth infrastructure, i.e. foldable containers
> for flyers or foldable poster standers [sorry for the names, I do not
> have any idea how these are called in English, I hope you can get
> them!].

Absolutely agreed. If you are going to identify some durable material
that will make our booth more attractive and, as you said,
"professional", I'm all for investing some Debian money in that.

> Given the fact that most of the conferences take place either in the
> Americas or in Europe, there should be two different boxes and thus at
> least two different people in charge.  This will also assure a sort of
> redundancy to requests.


> I will try to attend that BoF as well, but I am not sure I can due to
> my new videoteam membership.

FWIW, I plan to attend that BoF.


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