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Debian Umbrella Meeting ZH: Thu, 24.6. // Rest. Vorbahnhof // 18.00


Ok, since nobody wanted to decide on a date ...

I'll be in Zürich in the Rest. Vorbahnhof (near main station) from 18:00 
(open end, let's say that I'm likely still there around 20:00) on Thursday 
next week (24.6.) and will bring as many umbrellas as I can carry.

Please add yourself to the poll if you plan to come, if there are a lot of 
people I'll book a table.

  --> http://doodle.com/3u63dhitupq6uk8a

Of course: please spread the work, too.  The more the merrier.

-- vbi

> Perfet!  Let me know when you are really around -- and then, let's see.
> Looks good to me. Tell us when.
> Looks good to me, too.

East Indians sometimes see Heaven as a giant bureaucracy, and frequently
report being sent back because of clerical errors.

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