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Re: Fondling laptops


On Friday 16 April 2010 18.11:36 martin f krafft wrote:

> While digitec.ch in Zurich is renovating, I am wondering where in
> Switzerland one can walk into a store and play with laptops,

Mediamarkt usually have quite a big range of laptops, I think they do carry 
more than only the cheapest models.  I trust you'll not need competent 
advice from the salespeople :-)  

(When I bought my netbook, I had a very interesting discussion with one of 
them, though.  I asked out of curiosity how many returns they had of the 
Linux-is-not-Windws variety [not many], and he was really interested to 
finally being able to talk with somebody who could explain to him what this 
Linux thingy actually is.  At least he now has a vague idea why there are 
all those different Linux distributions and not just one Linux.  Perhaps 
he'll even try it sometime...

-- vbi

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