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Re: [Swiss Knife] Call for discussion

Le mardi 26 janvier 2010 12:13:08 Marc Fournier, vous avez écrit :
> > Otherwise, there are other types that might be of interest :
> >
> > 	Cybertools (set of screwdrivers)
> > 		1.7605.T		http://victorinox.ch/?page=138&lang=E		60 CHF
> > 		1.7725.T		http://victorinox.ch/?page=349&lang=E		62 CHF
> I'd vote for these ones. The range of screwdrivers in these knives make
> them valuable to open laptops/servers and other electronic devices. Almost
> as essential as the cap-lifter and corkscrew !

Hi Marc, and thanks for your answer !

I begin to be more and more convinced by this model too. The price is a bit of a 
rebbutal though…

> Other suggestion: people who buy them at Debconf could be reminded not to
> take them in their hand luggage on the plane. I always forget and get mine
> confiscated at security check :-(
> Marc

Yeah, I also heard that flying with 200 knives might not necessarily be easy…


Didier Raboud, proud Debian user.
CH-1020 Renens

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