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Re: Agenda for debian.ch AGM 10 Dec 2009

martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> wrote:
> debian.ch does not meet any of the criteria for full audition (ZGB
> 69b/1), but by default, it is subject to partial ("eingeschränkt")
> auditing (OR 727a/1 by way of ZGB 69b/3).

generally ack, see my other mail, it explains it precicely.

> Since we wanted to alleviate the burden on the treasurer to do
> double-entry book-keeping, as well as minimise the effort for third
> party volunteers, we decided to opt-out. As per (OR 727a/2), this is
> thus to be added to the bylaws (OR 727a/5).

this is wrong, see my other mail. i'm happy to provide further information on the subject if needed.

> Note that this doesn not inhibit any member of the association from
> requesting an auditing 10 days prior to the general assembly (OR
> 727a/4),

this is wrong, the cited paragraph is not applicable, see my other mail.

> and an auditing can also be decided by the AGM (with simple
> majority, OR 727/3).

in general, this is right, which i've explained in my other mail.

however, for the records, 727 III OR is not applicable here. as I've explained in my other mail. the right to make a revision binding through decision comes from 65 I ZGB.

> Arguably, I have announced the agenda too late. Therefore, if any
> member steps up before the end of Sunday, 13 Dec 2009, and requests
> an external auditing, I will personally see to it.

not possible, see my other mail.

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