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Job opportunity for Debian enthusiast in/around Zurich

Hi everybody,

I hope it's okay to post a job advert on this list. If not, or if
someone knows a better list, I wouldn't mind a pointer in the right
direction ;).

We have a part-time, Debian related job to offer.

The candidate would have to:

- package software in .deb format
- fix bugs in existing packages
- modify existing packages to suit inhouse requirements

Wherever possible and feasible, fixes and (non client-specific) changes
should be pushed upstream and/or into the Debian archive. The candidate
should therefore:

- have a good understanding of the Debian development process
- be comfortable to communicate with Debian and upstream maintainers
- understand Debian packaging tools and services like the BTS

They should furthermore have programming skills in some of the following

- Bash
- C/C++
- Python
- Perl

Work would be on an hourly, work-from-home basis. Workload may vary and
can easily be adjusted. If there is interest, the job could later be
extended to include system administrator duties for high performance
computing/cluster installations.

Please send further questions and applications to <info@subnetz.com>.
Applications should contain a brief CV as well as description of and
pointers to any previous Debian related work, paid or voluntary.

With kind regards, Til

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