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Re: OpenExpo (Debian representation and gatecrash)

Le lundi 30 mars 2009 13:35:31 Didier Raboud, vous avez écrit :
> Hi all,
> Here is OpenExpo's time of the year (1-2. April, Bern) again.
> With Swisslinux.org, we will come to Bern to staff our little booth (2
> persons). We are both Debian users and would be very happy to resell
> Debian.ch shirts for example. Some questions then :
> (…)
> Best regards,
> Didier

Hi all again!

We went to OpenExpo09 Bern with Swisslinux and handled a quarter-booth for 
Debian, were we sold the Debian.ch T-shirts and stickers.

	We reached 525.-

It seems pretty good to me, but I don't know other "scores" ;)

Globally, the event was good. Having evil proprietary vendors paying to get us 
free drinks, free booths, free beer, free access, free conferences, … is a good 
thing to me. Having those both conferences mixed is at least an interesting 

We met people from Ubuntu-CH, KDE and Qt Software, Gentoo, Xen, Fedora, 
Openwireless.ch and many others I can't remember of. The Social Event in the 
evening with The Free Beer (with Free as in freedom _and_ Free as in free 
beer ;) ) was really cool, with some fun lightning talks.

Late in the evening, we decided to organise a meeting on Wednesday with the 
present communities. We invited everybody to a discussion about the 
convergences of the various communities. We wanted to understand where we all 
could join forces in the free software domain in Switzerland.

Two focuses: events/calendar and politics. The rest is not particular to 
Switzerland. What came out from the discussion:

  * Calendar: /ch/open actually handles its OSS Roadmap. It doesn't work very
    well for now. They are preparing opensource.ch which will have a new 
    calendar. The idea is to have all FLOSS-related events on that calendar.

  * Politics: The FSFE-CH private mailing-list is actually used for this and
    should continue to.

The motto was: Join forces !

Have a good night all! Best regards, 


Didier Raboud, proud Debian user.
CH-1802 Corseaux

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