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A new DM desperately looking for a room in Zurich (sep 15 to 16 mar)


I'm looking for a room or a small flat in Zurich, and someone -- who is
possibly reading me here now :) -- indirectly suggested me to try and
ask here.

I will spend 6 months in Zurich as a Google SRE intern, from 15
september 2008 to 16 march 2009. So I need a place to stay, possibly
near 8002 (Google is in Brandschenkestrasse) or at least somewhere that
can be reached with the public transportation without too much changes.
1 sep to 31 mar would be optimal, subsets or supersets can be discussed.

Do any of you have some ideas to help me? It would be very appreciated.

I'm 26, male, Italian, non-smoker, and I like Debian. :-) I'm trying to
go to Zurich next days so I can be there if I need to meet the potential

Thanks in advance! :-)
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