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Re: Porter roll call for Debian Bookworm


2021-10-02 11:57 Graham Inggs:

We are doing a roll call for porters of all prospective release
architectures.  If you are an active porter behind one of these
architectures [1] and intend to continue for the development cycle of
Debian Bookworm (est. release mid-2023), please respond with a signed
email containing the following before Saturday, January 1, 2022:

* Which architectures are you committing to be an active porter for?
* Please describe recent relevant porter contributions.
* Are you running/using Debian testing or sid on said port(s)?
* Are you testing/patching d-i for the port(s)?

Please note that no response is required for amd64 because our
toolchain maintainers are happy to support amd64 as-is.

Feel free to use the following template as your reply:

I have been working on the riscv64 port since 2015 or so, even if the
successful and definitive initial bootstrap only happened in 2018.  Some
people joined from the start and more people joined lately, but I have a
keen interest in pushing this port further :)

Thus, I am an active porter for riscv64 and I intend to continue for the
development cycle of Debian Bookworm (est. release mid-2023).

In the last year or two the contributions were a bit diminished for a
variety of issues (especially in the realm of attending bugs and looking
at specific issues of packages and submitting patches), and will
continue to be this way for a while, but I hope to pick-up pace again
during this development cycle.

For riscv64, I plan to:

- maintain buildds

--- I have set-up or was involved in getting hardware and necessary
    resources and setting up most of the buildds of the architecture so
    far, and I plan to continue doing this in the foreseeable future

- maintain/provide hardware for (or assist with) automated tests on ci.d.n,
  jenkins.d.n (etc.)

--- I though about doing do this in the past, I think that it's a good
    idea to do this if new suitable hardware becomes available, but
    there's been scarcity until now.

- run a Debian testing or unstable system on port that I use regularly

- test (most|all) packages on this architecture

--- not sure if saying (most|all) is realistic with the current size of
    the archive, but I hope to use regularly the most important
    packages by using them on real systems.

The following I will try to do as more time becomes available, and
paying more attention if this port is considered to be supported for
bookworm and becoming a more official architecture (but other people
with interest in riscv64 are also working on these areas):

- fix toolchain issues
- triage arch-specific bugs
- fix arch-related bugs
- triage d-i bugs
- test d-i regularly
- fix d-i bugs/issues

I am a DD.

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <manuel.montezelo@gmail.com>

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