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Re: Porter roll call for Debian Bookworm

On 2021-10-02, Graham Inggs wrote:
>  * Which architectures are you committing to be an active porter for?

armhf, arm64

>  * Please describe recent relevant porter contributions.

Maintaining u-boot (bootloader used on many arm64 and armhf plaforms),
arm-trusted-firmware (arm64 firmware), and occasional debian-installer,
linux and initramfs-tools contributions for specific hardware.

>   I am an active porter for the following architectures and I intend to
>   continue for the development cycle of Debian Bookworm
>   (est. release mid-2023):

For armhf and arm64, I:

>   - test (most|all) packages on this architecture

I maintain the armhf build machines for tests.reproducible-builds.org
which currently runs package builds for the whole archive in sid,
experimental, bookworm and bullseye chroots. The build machines are a
mix of arm64 and armhf capable machines.

>   - run a Debian testing or unstable system on port that I use regularly

I run mobian on arm64, which is currently bookworm based, working
towards complete inclusion in debian. I may start using an arm64 laptop
(pinebook pro) regularly, probably running bookworm.

>   - triage arch-specific bugs
>   - fix arch-related bugs
>   - triage d-i bugs
>   - test d-i regularly
>   - fix d-i bugs/issues

Not systematically or regularly, but occasionally as the need arises.

I am a DD.

live well,

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