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Porter roll call for Debian Bullseye


We are doing a roll call for porters of all release architectures.  If
you are an active porter behind one of the release architectures [1]
for the entire lifetime of Debian Bullseye (est. end of 2024), please
respond with a signed email containing the following before Friday,
November 27:

 * Which architectures are you committing to be an active porter for?
 * Please describe recent relevant porter contributions.
 * Are you running/using Debian testing or sid on said port(s)?
 * Are you testing/patching d-i for the port(s)?

Please note that no response is required for amd64 because our
toolchain maintainers are happy to support amd64 as-is.  Also note
that this waiver no longer applies for i386, where it did in previous

Feel free to use the following template as your reply:


  I am an active porter for the following architectures and I intend
  to continue this for the lifetime of the Bullseye release (est. end
  of 2024):

  For <ARCH>, I
  - test (most|all) packages on this architecture
  - run a Debian testing or unstable system on port that I use regularly
  - fix toolchain issues
  - triage arch-specific bugs
  - fix arch-related bugs
  - triage d-i bugs
  - test d-i regularly
  - fix d-i bugs/issues
  - maintain buildds
  - maintain/provide hardware for (or assist with) automated tests on ci.d.n,
    jenkins.d.n (etc.)
  - run other automated tests outside the Debian QA services (Please describe
  - ...

  <I am a DD|I am a DM|I am not a DD/DM>


Graham, on behalf of the release team

[1] https://release.debian.org/bullseye/arch_qualify.html

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