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Re: Disabling SH4 buildds hosted in Japan

On 2016-07-19 00:04, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> Hi Nobuhiro,
> I have been requested by John Paul Adrian Glaubitz to revoke the
> wanna-build access for the SH4 build daemons you host in Japan, namely
> the following buildds:
> - akagi
> - amagi
> - baruna
> - musashi
> - huso
> - kongou
> - nagato
> - yamashiro
> - yamato
> It seems that they crash regularly due to a kernel issue, and thus cause
> harm to the port. He contacted you repeatedly without success.
> As the original porter behind the SH4 port and as the owner of the above
> build daemons, I think it's fair to give you a last chance to fix the
> issues. Without answer within a reasonable time frame (let's say one
> week), I'll proceed with Adrian's request. He will provide and host new
> build daemons to replace the disabled ones.

I have just disabled wanna-build access to the above build daemons.


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