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Disabling SH4 buildds hosted in Japan

Hi Nobuhiro,

I have been requested by John Paul Adrian Glaubitz to revoke the
wanna-build access for the SH4 build daemons you host in Japan, namely
the following buildds:
- akagi
- amagi
- baruna
- musashi
- huso
- kongou
- nagato
- yamashiro
- yamato

It seems that they crash regularly due to a kernel issue, and thus cause
harm to the port. He contacted you repeatedly without success.

As the original porter behind the SH4 port and as the owner of the above
build daemons, I think it's fair to give you a last chance to fix the
issues. Without answer within a reasonable time frame (let's say one
week), I'll proceed with Adrian's request. He will provide and host new
build daemons to replace the disabled ones.


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aurelien@aurel32.net                 http://www.aurel32.net

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