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Re: sysroot not supported in gcc-sh4-cross package


2010/4/18 Jordan Pan <pan.jordan@gmail.com>:
>   I am trying to build the rootfs by the gcc-sh4-cross
> (http://debian-sh4.nigauri.org/cross-compiler/) package. But unfortunately,
> the cross compiler doesn't support the --sysroot option. Does anybody know
> how to work around this issue? Or if I should do the cross compiler by
> myself, please share the build procedure for reference (I have try to use
> reference guidance from http://www.emdebian.org/tools/crossdev.html and
> http://wiki.debian.org/SH4/CrossToolchain, but it doesn't work for me) .
> -----------------
> Checking external toolchain settings
> External toolchain doesn't support --sysroot. Cannot use.
> -----------------


For sysroot support you need to build the compilers (binutils and gcc)

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 Héctor Orón

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