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Re: GCC 4.1 in experimental / GCC for etch

On Tue, Feb 21, 2006 at 11:34:55AM +0100, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> >- Once the 4.1 packages are migrated to testing, make 4.1 the default
> >  compiler for i386, amd64, powerpc. These are the architectures,
> >  which are considred primary (linux) architectures by GCC upstream.
> >  For the other Debian architectures, the GCC port maintainers and the
> >  Debian port maintainers should make the call, if and when the
> >  default GCC is changed.
> I think you could also make 4.1 the default one for kfreebsd-i386. They 
> are very few differences with the linux version, and the testsuite shows 
> good results.

Agreed, but.. (see below)

> >- Stop building compilers from GCC 3.4.x, namely gobjc-3.4, gnat-3.4
> >  and g++-3.4 (it looks like we can go without g++-3.4 for the etch
> >  release).  Still build gpc-3.4, g77-3.4 and gcc-3.4, as g77 cannot be
> >  found anymore in 4.x releases.
> Currently three architectures are still using gcc 3.4 to build the 
> glibc, namely m68k, hppa and powerpc.

Building kfreebsd-5 (and kfreebsd-6, etc) requires gcc-3.4 as well.  Note that
upstream only supports their own fork of gcc-3.4 to build the kernel, and I'm
not aware of any plans to update it short-term.

So AFAIK no problem on our side to make gcc-4.1 the default, as long as gcc-3.4
is still present.

Robert Millan

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