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Re: GCC 4.1 in experimental / GCC for etch


Matthias Klose a écrit :
The GCC (GNU compiler collection) 4.1 release candidate 1 can be found
in experimental.  "Porters", please make sure that the package is
built and uploaded (if it's not built by the experimental
buildd). Please check that the symbols exported in the 4.1 libraries
are a superset of those exported in the 4.0 libraries (these are
libgcc1 (except m68k and hppa), libstdc++6, libffi4, libobjc1,

The proposed GCC plan for etch consists of:

- uploading GCC 4.0.3 to unstable (this release is expected shortly
  after the GCC 4.1.0 release), let 4.0.3 migrate to testing.

The GCC website seems to be down currently, could you please tell us when the release are expected?

- uploading GCC 4.1 to unstable for those architectures which do not
  have ABI problems (these should be all, but should be validated).


- Once the 4.1 packages are migrated to testing, make 4.1 the default
  compiler for i386, amd64, powerpc. These are the architectures,
  which are considred primary (linux) architectures by GCC upstream.
  For the other Debian architectures, the GCC port maintainers and the
  Debian port maintainers should make the call, if and when the
  default GCC is changed.

I think you could also make 4.1 the default one for kfreebsd-i386. They are very few differences with the linux version, and the testsuite shows good results.

- Make gij-4.1/gcj-4.1 the default for all architectures.

- Stop building compiler packages from the GCC 3.3 source; the only
  packages built will be libstdc++5 (and libgcc1 on hppa/m68k).

AFAIK the 2.4 kernels in Debian are built with gcc-3.3. What are the plans wrt to them?

- Stop building compilers from GCC 3.4.x, namely gobjc-3.4, gnat-3.4
  and g++-3.4 (it looks like we can go without g++-3.4 for the etch
  release).  Still build gpc-3.4, g77-3.4 and gcc-3.4, as g77 cannot be
  found anymore in 4.x releases.

Currently three architectures are still using gcc 3.4 to build the glibc, namely m68k, hppa and powerpc.

For powerpc, it seems we can make the switch to at least gcc 4.0. There is currently a problem of locales, but not sure it is related to gcc-4.0.

For hppa, the glibc builds well with gcc 4.0, but create problem with python/perl. It still has to be investigated.

For m68k, the glibc does not build, gcc 4.0 segfault on system.c. It looks like gcc 4.1 fixes the problem, but the resulting glibc has not been tested.

I think compilers are critical for the glibc, so we will have to coordinate the changes.


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