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No SuperH anymore?

Martin Schulze wrote:
 > The number of packages that were compiled and uploaded for this
 > architecture has been dropped steadily, due to this and general
 > package removal.  However, today I found out[2] that SuperH
 > (i.e. binary-sh) has been dropped from the archive.
 > Could somebody enlighten me?  I guess that it won't be a final
 > decision and that packages will be uploaded again, no?

I don't know what the decision is.

I've been trying to cross-build set of bootstrap (initial) packages
for all of SuperH architecture (i.e., sh3, sh4, sh3eb, sh4eb).  It
works for me now, sort of.  Takeshi Yaegashi works for cross building
system too.  Those are quite a progress to automatic buildd like
system for SuperH (it was once worked by Mutsumi Ishikawa, but it

So, I think that it will be.

Or I should become Debian developer...

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