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Re: Getting a SEGA Dreamcast up and running

On Fri, Nov 23, 2001 at 02:58:14PM -0800, Stephen Zander wrote:
> Thanks for not cc'ing as I asked Alain :/.  Please keep me in the cc line.
Sorry... It was just a really quick reply...

>     Alain> A network card. (btw: the price for dreamcast should be $50
>     Alain> now)
> Stupid question #1: Do they have a custom network card or will any PCI
> card do?
You can get a Sega Broadband Adaptor, which is a rtl8139 based netword
card. It is rare and you can get it on ebay. It was only sold in Japan
and USA. Last time I checked you had to pay a bit more than $100 on

The Modem / Broadband Adaptor is a stripped down PCI Bus acording to a
developer I spoke to on the last LinuxTag. It might be possible to build
an Adaptor or something, but it will be at least time consuming.

>     Alain> Or you build the hard drive interface which was on slashdot
>     Alain> and port the driver to linux...  
> Which segues nicely into stupid question number 2: what local storage
> options are there or am I using NFS-root for this environment?
Afaik only CD, NFS and HD (see Slashdot).


PS: I haven't got a dreamcast - I just searched around a bit... And I
    still want to get one... If I only had the money.

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